Our Campaigners

Do not hesitate to say hello if you see us out and about!

People like YOU are those who can generate immediate and lasting changes in the lives of children. That's why we took to the streets of South Africa to invite you to join Save the Children, this great movement for the rights of children:
Children deserve a better world, so we do whatever is necessary, as long as it is necessary to give children the opportunity to have a promising future. Be part of this change!

Do not hesitate to say hello if you see us out and about

How to identify our promoters and promoters of childhood

To identify us is very easy. You'll find us at a stand at/around your shopping centres wearing a red shirt. We are branded with the Save the Children logo and you will always see us with a big smile and desire to generate a real, deep and long-term change in the lives of children in South Africa.

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Our Staff

Our Staff

The people who make Save the Children South Africa what it is.


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