Over a billion children’s education came to a standstill in the early months of 2020, and most were out of school for 6 months or more. Around 200 million children who were in-school before the pandemic remain out of school. This number continues to fluctuate up and down as schools have to close and reopen again, either on an individual, local or national level - causing further disruption to children’s learning.  

Here at home in South Africa, education experts have raised serious concerns over whether 15% of pupils who did not pitch up at government schools last year after Covid-19 disruptions, would be returning this year. 
We must fund interventions to support the safe return to learning for thousands of children across the country. South Africa needs to take urgent action now, to get all children who were in school before the pandemic back to school. As Save the Children we have been playing our part. 

Distribution of hygiene packs 

But we cannot do it alone, we need people like you to help us. Supporting #SafeBackToSchool is a commitment to help save a generation’s education.

To prevent the potential loss of decades of progress towards children’s learning and wellbeing, help us to ensure that children have access to adequate:

  • PPE, Health & Safety
  • Remote learning resources
  • Technology
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