#Lockdowndairies: A tale of a village girl

Wednesday 10 June 2020
On the 23rd of March President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a national Lockdown and from that day our lives changed. As a Grade 11 learner from the Kgakgoa Secondary School, in Ga-Chokwe Village in Moletjie(Limpopo) , my whole school life has been disrupted. I’ve had to quickly learn and master the skill of self-studying, which has not been easy.
I can’t rely on my text books alone, as I can’t understand some of the things and need someone to explain them to me. While there are helpful online sources available on platforms like YouTube and other educational websites, data is too expensive. Despite these challenges, I have drawn up a time table to help me keep track of all the subjects I have to study. This helps me ensure that I make enough time for all the subjects. 
This difficult period has also made me to eat a lot, because when I'm bored food is the first thing that comes to mind. It’s quite sad that I can't eat most of my favourite food anymore,  because most shops are closed or there are no delivery services in my area. I don’t only eat a lot, but I also sleep a lot too. 
I’ve always hated doing house chores like sweeping and moping the floor, washing dishes and doing the laundry, but now I can proudly say I enjoy them. This is thanks to the fact that we work together with my family. We play games while cleaning at the same time.  
The COVID-19 lockdown regulations have prevented us from visiting friends and families, but thanks to technology we can communicate with them via Facebook, WhatsApp,  Instagram or even Facetime. My cousin and I have created a group chat, we talk to each other every day. This has made us feel like we’re together, even though we’re far apart.
One thing I’m most proud about, is  that this lockdown has helped improve my relationship with God. I have grown closer to him and developed the habit of praying every day. What I really encourage during this difficult time, is that we pray in our homes. We must talk to the almighty and I’m certain that with him we will overcome this pandemic. 
By Moloko Bongiwe Ralefatane, A 16-year-old girl from Ga-Chokwe Village in Moletjie, Limpopo

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