Stolen Childhood

Childhood should be a time to learn, play, grow, develop, and feel safe and protected. However, nearly one in four children around the world are being robbed of their childhoods, simply because of who they are or where they live.

Extreme violence, conflict, forced displacement, child labor and child marriage are just some of the threats to childhood expectancy — the time that a child has to experience childhood — and perpetuate a vicious cycle of poverty. In our new End of Childhood Report and Index, we examine the harsh realities faced by the most vulnerable, excluded children — including girls, refugees, street children, and children with disabilities

By examining what ends childhood around the world, we can ensure every last child has a complete childhood and reaches their full potential.

Best and Worst Places to be a Child in Africa

South Africa's Stolen Childhoods

  • 50,000 children are victims of violent crime, with 11,000 being murdered or seriously assaulted

  • Nearly half of the children who start school never make it to grade 12

  • 40,000 children die every year beforethey reach the age of 5 years.

  • 26.9% of boys and 25.9% of girls are stunted (15.4% of children aged 0-14 years are stunted)

  • 22,288 pregnant learners in schools

These stats show that we cannot be complacent in addressing the social and economic gaps in South Africa. Children who are able to survive and thrive have a better chance of contributing to our country both socially and economically.

We are working to ensure all children enjoy a happy and healthy childhood, by prioritising the end of violence against children. We do this, by promoting safe spaces for children, ensuring children know their rights and are able to access their right tobe protected, good quality nutrition and health services and quality education.

With your support we can protect childhoods of the most vulnerable children in South Africa. Make a monthly donation today!

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