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Making sure all children thrive in a safe environment, free from violence, no matter where they are from.

South Africa’s local government elections on August 3 2016 is said to be the most closely contested since apartheid ended in 1994. The outcome is said to be a barometer of change in political sentiment in the lead-up to 2019's national elections.

While a series of economic and political convulsions combined with weak governance and a flailing economy has shaken our country, there are over 18 million voices that are left out of this national conversation – our children.

Over 18 million children do not have a say in the future of the country they will eventually inherit and with the support of our generous donors, Save the Children South Africa is working ever day to change this.

Learn more about what changes children want to see following the 2016 Local Government Elections:

Democracy in South Africa came with a growing recognition of children’s rights and the establishment of high-level structures to meet government’s responsibilities. As stated in the Bill of Rights in our Constitution every child has the right to basic nutrition, shelter, health care and social services, as well as the right to be protected from maltreatment, neglect, abuse or degradation. 

Unfortunately, this has not been the case for many children across South Africa.

As part of the world’s largest development and rights based organisation for children, we envisage a world that protects, respects and fulfills children’s rights. We are committed to ensuring that all children benefit from a strengthen child rights system that delivers and monitors the realisation of their rights.  We believe that political will and commitment is critical for the realisation of children’s rights – particularly at local government level, which is the sphere of government responsible for service delivery. 

As a result, we work every day to create platforms and opportunities for children to directly interact with politicians and decision makers, on topics that include:

  • How children feel about service rendered to them
  • What children perceive as challenges and gaps regarding service delivery to children in the district
  • What change children want to see following the 2016 Local Government Elections

After these consultations we work with the district officials to explore opportunities to ensure children’s issues are prioritized within municipalities’ Integrated Development Plan – the service delivery vehicle for local government. 

Government Officials: Save the Children South Africa is ready to work with you in developing Municipal Action Plans and Budgets for children to ensure that we reach every last child.  Contact us today at +27 (0)12 430 7775 to speak to the head of our Child Rights Programmes.

All children should benefit from a strengthened child-rights system that delivers and monitors the realisation of their rights. Help us fight for their rights by donating TODAY!

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