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Finance a Programme

Finance a Programme

Health and Nutrition

Preventing obesity, malnutrition, stomach or respiratory diseases, generating good hygiene habits, knowing how to eat well and how the human body works contributes to more girls and boys staying in school and improving their school performance. With our health and nutrition programs we seek to generate and modify habits in school populations from 0 to 15 years. 

You can help us reach more girls and boys. Finance this program!

Child Protection

Children must be active subjects of their rights. To achieve them, it is not only important to inform them, we must also empower them by strengthening their self-knowledge, self-protection skills and the creation of support communities. Our child protection programs are focused on generating adequate and violence-free spaces for children and adolescents. Finance this program! 

Quality Education

Improving the quality of knowledge and skills acquired by more excluded children and adolescents gives them the best tools to thrive. Financing our educational quality programs helps those who live in the most adverse conditions have the potential to have a bright future. Finance this program!

Disaster Risk Reduction

More than 200 million people suffer each year the blow of natural disasters, which have been duplicated and intensified in the last two decades. The best solution to unpredictable phenomena is prevention. Our programs focus on generating a culture of risk prevention in the most excluded communities. Fund this program!

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You can help us reach more children!

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Our Partnerships

Our corporate partners are vital to helping us create better lives for children. You can choose to invest in a specific project, or you can provide flexible funding to help us build our capacity as an organisation and help even more children.

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