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I Am Lunch

2 Aug 2023

Every child has the right to nutrition and health. Every mother should be given the opportunity to enjoy their maternal rights, this means exclusive breastfeeding.

That’s why as an organisation, we want to see a world where mothers are supported on their breastfeeding journey. Read this new full-time working mother’s breastfeeding journey here.
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Bridging the Gap for a Changing World

5 Jan 2023

There is a growing global movement advocating to include a broader range of skills, competencies and values, beyond numeracy and literacy, in education policies and curricula. This movement manifested within Sustainable Development Goal 4 – “to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning”. 
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The lived experience of a migrant child.

19 Feb 2022

When I was a “Guiri”
*Guiri is an informal Spanish slur used in Spain applied to foreign tourists, particularly from Great Britain, but can be applied to other Northern European countries.
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Positive Affirmations

17 Dec 2021

Please download your freee positive affirmations to be included in lunchbags/boxes for school-going children.    

About: Save the Children believes every child deserves a future. In South Africa and around the world, we give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. We do whatever it takes for children – every day and in times of crisis – transforming their lives and the future we share.   

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The effects of public violence on children.

14 Jul 2021

South Africa is currently experiencing extreme public violence, and everyone is trying to make sense of this. Some blame the jailing of our former President, Jacob Zuma. Others point to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions that have exacerbated high unemployment and food insecurity. Still others bemoan a lack of law and order.
But we should be asking ‘what does all of this mean for children, and the future of our country?’
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The ones who do not get to protest

21 May 2021

In the past few months there has been a recurrence of protests across South Africa’s universities over free education. We see the headlines; we hear the voices on the news.  I am in no way diminishing the importance of this topic but I do want to draw our attention to those that are unseen and unheard. Those who do not get to protest.  Those who are not eligible for university entry because they got lost from the education system along the way. 
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The invisible children

26 Apr 2021

Although the right to birth registration is entrenched in the constitution of South Africa, it is estimated that each year about 100 000 children are not registered at birth in South Africa and 86% of undocumented children in our education system are South African. Without a birth certificate, most schools turn these children away. 

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To Move Forward, we must sometimes look Back

21 Apr 2021

Save the Children South Africa (SCSA) recently launched the Advisory Board. A panel of highly-influential individuals set on making a difference for children in South Africa by using their connections, voices and positions to do so. We are excited about the opportunities this new venture will bring us all and how it will shape the way we work with each other and our partners on the ground. 
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Positive affirmations Lunchbox notes

8 Mar 2021

Click here to download positive affirmations to be included in lunchbags/boxes for school-going children. 
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