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To raise children’s voices in public matters and to deliver on our mandate of placing children first.

We believe every child deserves a future and their lives, voices and future potential should be fiercely protected at all costs. 

From the beginning we’ve understood the power of words, of finding new ways to communicate and the importance of using our voice and expertise to bring real and positive change for those whose voices might otherwise go unheard.

To raise children’s voices in public matters in South Africa and to deliver on our mandate of placing children first, in 2016 we decided to present our strategy, achievements, highlights and challenges to the children involved in our programmes so we could get their insight and ideas.

Our CEO conversed with the children and we coined the event, The CEO’s Annual Accountability Corner.

Together, they agreed on key priority areas and desired interventions going forward. The event was held in each of our four priority provinces. 

Children cannot vote and they do not give money to political candidates. That’s why we need your help to raise the voice for children's issues.  Get involved today! 



Addressing Malnutrition

We have successfully rolled-out better healthcare services for children in 150 Early Childhood Care and Development centres in 2015.
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Getting the Basics Right

A programme pioneered to improve young children’s reading and encourage a life-long love of reading.

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Keeping Girls in School

Every day, giving a girls what every last child deserves.

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