Fighting to bring quality education to every child in South Africa.

Education has the power to transform the lives of children, now and for generations to come. However, in South Africa still has massive inequities in learning opportunities amongst children.  The realisation of many other rights depends on access to quality education as it has a multiplier effect bringing lasting benefits to all.

Given this panorama, we base our actions on the realization of our main objective: that all children have access to a basic education of good quality, especially those who are in the most vulnerable conditions.

Education is linked to all development goals, such as supporting gender empowerment, improving child and maternal health, reducing hunger, fighting the spread of diseases and poverty, encouraging economic growth and creating peace.  

What is Save the Children South Africa doing? 

All children should have access to equal education opportunities 

  • We are fighting for an inclusive education system where all children, especially those with disabilities, have equal opportunities. 
  • We are innovators, transforming our existing Crèche Centers into Centers of Excellence so that children under the age of 5 experience a safe, stimulating and quality early living and learning environment.
  • We are working with school governing bodies to provide guidance for school policies that promote all children’s rights. 
  • We are mobilising communities to engage with school management structures, provide better support to leadership and teachers, and hold schools accountable. 
  • We are advocating a national funding model to address inequalities in the education system. 

Learn more about our Holistic Early  Child Care and Development programme.

We need improved literacy and numeracy for learners by the end of Grade 3 

  • We are championing access to quality literacy and numeracy education within the Foundation Phase. 
  • We are developing effective interventions to enhance Foundation Phase reading and numeracy. 
  • We are mobilising communities to support development of these basic skills and to hold schools accountable. 
  • We are working with parents, caregivers and communities to provide opportunities for reading, learning and studying. 

Learn more about our Literacy Boost project.

Our ideal picture for South African education:

  • Increased parental involvement in education. 
  • Improved community resources for developing reading and numeracy skills. 
  • Increased numbers of learners ready for Grade R. 
  • Increased numbers of Grade 3 learners competent in basic literacy and numeracy. 

Every child in South Africa should receive quality basic education. Help us make this a reality by setting up your donation TODAY!


Our priorities focus on:

  • Early Childhood Care and Development 
  • Increase access to Quality education
  • Boosting reading skills 
  • Book Sharing
Through our Education programmes, it is being achieved not only that more children have access to schools, but also that the education they receive is of quality. 

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