Steve Miller is CEO of Save the Children South Africa

Steve Miller joined Save the Children South Africa (SCSA) in October 2019. He is a development specialist and has worked in the international non-profit sector for over 15 years. He spent most of those years pushing for social change in various countries across Africa, including Namibia and Liberia. 
Upon returning to South Africa, Steve completed his Masters in Development Management, and went on to lead two child-focussed NGOs, working in alternative care and youth empowerment.
Throughout his career, Steve has focused on improving opportunities for children and the youth. He believes SCSA has a great potential to make a difference to the lives of children in South Africa, especially since the country is dealing with the scourge of violence against children (VAC). 
Children are killed and abused (physically, sexually and emotionally) on a daily basis. This occurs in spaces where children are supposed to be safe, including homes and schools. Also children themselves are increasingly becoming the perpetrators of violence. Steve is calling for collective action in bid to change this, and feels that more needs to be done to strengthen civil society coalitions. He encourages everyone to speak up, and support efforts to end VAC.  
As the CEO of SCSA, Steve is leading a team that looks the children’s rights holistically. This includes child protection, education and health. SCSA’s staff is on the ground every day, engaging children, parents, practitioners at Early Childhood Development Centres, teachers and other stakeholders on these issues.