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Meet Gugu Xaba, the CEO of Save the Children South Africa

Ms. Gugu Xaba initially joined Save the Children in 2016 as Programme Director, her dedication, passion, and expertise have been evident throughout her journey with us. After a brief absence, she returned in February 2022 to continue her role as Programme Director, and her exceptional contributions earned her the position of Interim CEO in January 2023, with the departure of Mr Steve Miller.

Gugu brings with her a wealth of experience in the development sector, with a strong background in public health and a profound commitment to coordinating projects that positively impact communities. Her leadership at Save the Children has already led to numerous successful interventions that have improved the lives of countless children and families across our nation. We recognize Gugu's strengths in team collaboration, and her ability to engage with diverse stakeholders, both within our organization and in the wider community. Her skills have helped foster strong relationships with our dedicated teams, driving us forward towards our shared vision.

While Gugu's accomplishments as a programmes expert are unquestionable, we are also cognizant of the importance of effectively advocating for our cause and representing the face of our brand.