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Child Protection

Our Goal: To strengthen the capacity of duty bearers through scaling up violence-prevention programmes in 13 districts.

SCSA’s strategic programming for child protection includes the Protection of Children from Violence, with a focus on the protection from violence in homes and schools. SCSA advocates for the use of non-violent methods of discipline that promote open communication between adult and child, build a self-confidence and self-discipline, and instill values of non-violence and mutual respect. International evidence has demonstrated that positive discipline interventions are effective.

Our Child Protection programme uses a ’whole school’ approach which engages stakeholders across all levels, to make both immediate and lasting improvements for children’s safety and protection in and around school. SCSA is scaling up violence prevention programmes through building the capacity of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and schools to strengthen prevention in communities, including improved child safeguarding in their operations.

The programme has reached 3 354 adults and 13 483 children through the Vikela Nwana project. Through rolling out positive parenting awareness (PPA) workshops, a series of more comprehensive parenting interventions, and webinars, we improved the skills of parents or caregivers.

Save the Children South Africa is scaling up violence-prevention programmes by building the capacity of CSOs and schools to strengthen community prevention. In line with the Save the Children South Africa strategy to work through CSO partners, we trained, mentored and supported 12 CSOs with resources. As a result, these CSOs engaged parents and children with quality interventions. The 12 CSO partners represented seven districts and were trained in our positive parenting awareness (PPA) package, and the prevention of violence against children (PVAC) intervention targeting children to develop resilience and address violence against children. CSOs were also supported to improve child safeguarding in their operations. Some of these CSOs were able to roll out PPA workshops and PVAC training for children with the support of Save the Children South Africa staff. More than 200 Educators from 10 schools were trrained in Positive Discipline in Everyday Teaching. 

We've learnt how to adapt our interventions and train/engage children, parents, CSO staff and religious leaders through online platforms. We rolled out the Parenting without Violence Common (PwV) Approach adapted version, for which we received positive feedback. Save the Children South Africa shared knowledge and influenced global processes through representation in global groups including technical working groups and mentoring SC staff in child protection programming approaches. We presented papers at global events, including those hosted by International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect (ISPCAN) and the Global Partnership to End Violence.

Strategic partnerships and alignment with national and global coalitions and with the media are key to achieving our goal of strengthening the capacity of duty bearers through scaling up violence-prevention programmes. Government engagement and lobbying were central in our approach in working through national forums and coalitions including the National and provincial childcare and protection (NCP) forums, the South African positive parenting initiative (SAPPIN) and the violence prevention forum (VPF). The profile of Save the Children South Africa was raised nationally through extensive media engagements (radio, television, print and social media). Save the Children South Africa partnered with MullenLouw to run the Dear Abuser Campaign. This involved extensive media engagement utilising digital billboards at strategic points with messaging targeting people who perpetrate acts of violence against children.

Funding available for violence prevention initiatives continues to challenge the achievement of the ambitions we have. With limited funding, Save the Children South Africa is not able to grow its programming portfolio in child protection.



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