Child Protection

We protect children who are in danger, exploited or neglected.

Millions of children around the world are in danger of abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence – at home, in school, in the community or during unforeseen emergencies.  Save the Children keeps the most vulnerable children safe from harm.

Despite our sophisticated legal framework, South Africa is still marked by high levels of violence against, and exploitation of, children. Recorded levels do not accurately reflect the full extent of the problem because many cases go unreported. Violence has long-lasting consequences for children, with strong evidence of a link between childhood violence and adult mental health disorders and substance abuse.

During 2011/12: 

  • 50,688 children were victims of violent crime 
  • 793 children were murdered 
  • 12,645 children were victims of assault 
  • 25,862 children were victims of sexual offences

What is Save the Children South Africa doing? 

We are ensuring that no child in South Africa experiences violence. 

  • We are mobilising a movement to stop violence against children and letting their voices be heard. 
  • We are promoting the use of positive discipline and leading lobbying efforts for the banning of corporal punishment in the home
  • We are ensuring targeted and effective programmes to prevent and respond to violence against children. 
  • We are developing new ways to combat all forms of bullying.
  • We are supporting innovative models for addressing the root causes of violence, through a critical exploration of societal norms and values that influence attitudes and behaviour. 

Learn more about our partnership to promote positive discipline instead of corporal punishment

We are helping South African children grow up in a safe environment 

  • We are ensuring that unaccompanied migrant children in SA also access their rights and are collaborating with key stakeholders in SA and neighboring countries on these issues. 
  • We are exploring issues of care and protection for children within an urban context. 
  • We are providing support and mentoring in parenting skills.
  • Research is being done to assess the nature and extent of child trafficking in South Africa. 

All children in South Africa deserve to thrive in a safe environment, free from violence. You can help us achieve this by setting up your donation TODAY!


Our priorities focus on:

  • Ending Violence Against Children
  • Positive Parenting
  • Praciticing Positive Discipline
  • Child Migration

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