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Getting the Basics Right

Getting the Basics Right

A programme pioneered to improve young children’s reading and encourage a life-long love of reading.

Literacy Boost is a programme pioneered by Save the Children to improve young children’s reading and encourage a life-long love of reading. Studies in South Africa have shown that we have unacceptably low levels of literacy and numeracy.   

Thanks to your generous donations we are making sure that children are supported to read, write and understand language and to work sufficiently well with numbers to progress with their education and develop the necessary skills to become successful adults.  

Save the Children South Africa's education programme has reached almost 25,000 children through our Foundation Literacy intervention in Qwa Qwa, Free State - a former homeland and still one of the poorest most underserviced areas in our country.

Taking the Lead in Literacy – Matladi’s Story 

It is not easy growing up in South Africa today. Matladi is in Grade 6 at her rural primary school in Qwa Qwa. She walks a far distance to and from school every day, but has not let the challenges she has faced stop her from becoming a leader within her school and community. Save the Children introduced Literacy Boost at her school in 2012. Since then, Matladi has become a Reading Camp Leader and she loves the impact she can have in the community:

“We do reading camps once a week and a Read-a-thon twice a week. Our parents are also invited to come and see what we are doing. We also invite people in the community to borrow books. Being a camp leader has helped me as I am now confident in standing in front of other learners during assembly, doing public speaking, or raising awareness.”

Matladi is just one of thousands of children across South Africa who are being given a better start in life. None of these would be possible without your continued support. On behalf of all the children, thank you. Every child in South Africa should receive quality basic education.

Help us make this a reality for children like Matladi by setting up your donation TODAY!


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