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A big yes to YESEEP – and SRHR

Wednesday 5 June 2019
It’s quite a mouthful: the Youth Entrepreneurship and Socio Economic Empowerment Project – which is why we often refer to it by its acronym, YESEEP.

YESEEP helps to build the ability of disadvantaged young people to actively contribute to decision-making processes, social development and livelihoods in their communities. By equipping and empowering young people with the skills they need – and supporting their active participation in the social and economic life of their communities, sound decision-making and entrepreneurial spirits begin to flourish.

Another important programme aimed at young people is the Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) project, which works teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18, who are both in school and out of school.

By equipping them as agents of change, the project aims to improve health outcomes through the providing comprehensive sexuality education and increasing young people’s access to clinical and non-clinical health services.