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A mother's horror: son killed by hijackers

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Save the Children South Africa is outraged by the shameful and senseless killing of four year old Taegrin Morris in Reiger Park in a botched hijacking at the weekend. 

The heartless criminals sped off with the little boy hanging upside down outside the car trapped by his seat belt as his mother tried to free him and he begged for help. He was dragged to his death. 

“Our hearts go out to the Morris family and the families of the countless innocent children who continue to be the victims of violence and abuse in South Africa. Taegrin’s tragic death is a painful reminder that we need to do more to protect children in South Africa. These people who abuse and kill our children come from our communities and are often known to us. It is my view that as long as we as a society continue to protect and harbour these criminals, we must accept that we are also complicit in the crimes.” says Gugu Ndebele CEO for Save the Children South Africa.