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Brand with a purpose

Friday 30 October 2020

Henkel’s brands are no stranger to households across the world; a firm favourite, Pritt, is the embodiment of learning through craft and fun. It is through this lens that Henkel and Save the Children South Africa formed their collaboration in 2019. 

Last year in June, Henkel’s popular Pritt glue stick, which has been part of many South Africans’ childhoods, hosted a birthday party for children at their premises in Johannesburg. The birthday theme was “Crafting for Children” and saw employees, customers and children alike, creating hundreds of mini figurines of what they would like or wanted to be when they grow up. All the figurines were sent to Germany, where they were placed on display outside Henkel’s headquarters during September. Out of ten countries including Japan, India and Brazil, South Africa had made the most figurines and came 2nd in a global competition. 

This year, Henkel and Save the Children South Africa are at it again. This time, we invite you to all craft from the safety of our homes with your families, friends, children and our favourite crafting champion, and her best buddy, Suzelle DIY. 

Watch the video below, get crafting with your friends and family, and don’t forget to click on the ‘donate’ button to join our awesome supporters. 

Your support will go towards ensuring that all children living in South Africa have a chance to learn and are protected.