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On Behalf of the Families in Alexandra Township: THANK YOU

Monday 12 December 2016

A heartfelt thank you from all of us at Save the Children South Africa on behalf of the families you helped us support in Setswetla, Alexandra Township.

Your generosity during the recent devastating floods is a testament of your commitment to caring for the children of South Africa. These tragic floods, that preceded the festive season, took away the little that the children of Setwetla had, but your kindness is a reminder that the gift of hope and the active displaying of humanity does not have to wait till the end of the year.

To date, we have received clothing, toiletries, blankets and groceries to help the victims of the floods, which drastically changed the lives of hundreds children and their families.

While we have received donations from many companies and individuals we would like to make special mention of our partners who have made significant donations and pledged their on-going commitment to aiding Save the Children South Africa in uplifting the children of this community.

To Reckitt Benckiser, GSK and The Riverbed Agency your speedy response and generosity has made a made a tremendous difference in the lives of the children.

We would also like to extend our deepest gratitude to Save the Children Italy who have donated Euro 72 000. This financial contribution will go a long way in rebuilding the lives of children and supporting them to reach their full potential. 

It has been challenging period for many of the families who are starting all over, knowing that nothing will ever be the same.

But thanks to you, they are beginning a new chapter in their lives and with your continued support we will see them through this difficult time. 

Again on behalf of those who will benefit from your generosity, please accept our deepest appreciation.