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South Africa comes together to campaign for an end to newborn and maternal deaths

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Special Reception Hosted by South African Civil Society: A Common Thread Reaching Every Woman and Every Newborn.

When: Sunday 29th June 2014, 17.30 – 19.30

What: Around the world and in South Africa, real progress has been made in saving women and children’s lives but newborn survival has lagged behind. At the end of June a new international plan – the Every Newborn Action Plan - will be launched in Johannesburg.  This is a critical opportunity to galvanize the action needed to end preventable stillbirths and newborn and maternal deaths.  On the eve of its launch, join South African civil society organisations campaigning to end the tragedy of preventable newborn and maternal deaths.

Featuring an exclusive performance from South African musical legend Yvonne Chaka Chaka and the winner of Gauteng Schools Choir Championship, Jiyana Secondary School Choir.

What you can do: come along and follow @SaveChildrenSA on social media using the hashtags #SouthAfricaCares #EveryNewborn #PMNCHLive

Why: Beginning on Wednesday 25th June, ahead of a major international conference on women and children’s health taking place in Johannesburg from 30th June – 1st July, and the launch of a new global plan to end newborn deaths, civil society organizations, midwives, nurses and activists will join forces, in solidarity with women and newborns around the world, to put a spotlight on the need for renewed action to tackle preventable newborn and maternal deaths.

Globally and in South Africa, significant progress has been made in the fight to reduce child mortality but progress on tackling deaths amongst newborn babies has been much slower. Every year, around the world, one million newborns die on their first day of life and 800 women die each day from largely preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. The majority of these deaths can be prevented.

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Hosted by Save the Children South Africa, World Vision South Africa, Path South Africa, Zoe-Life, Society of Midwives of South Africa, Kheth’Impilo, Mothers2 Mothers South Africa, Neonatal Nurses Association of Southern Africa, Yezingane Network