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The effect of school closure on children

Thursday 14 October 2021
For many children, school is so much more than just a place to learn. It’s where they enjoy their only nutritious meal of the day, where they’re protected from dangers such as domestic abuse and where they have the chance, through education, to set upon a path out of poverty.
School closures because of Covid saw many children stranded without those opportunities – and without any access to learning. Not every household is fortunate enough to have a computer, Internet access or the benefits of technology such as Wi-Fi, which is why access to technology became such as key educational issue. Learning went online – but many children were left out.
Thanks to your support of the ‘Safe Back to School’ campaign, Save the Children was able to provide access to interactive learning activities for children – and also offer support for children who were not in school and needed psychosocial support. 
More than 100 children were given direct access to technology and data; while hundreds more were able to to continue learning by accessing technological tools at centres across South Africa.
In July, Save the Children CEO Steve Miller co-facilitated a global webinar, along with leading organisations and children themselves, to share innovative ways to keep children safe during the pandemic, as well as ensure safe passage back to school.