• SCSA-2021-2024-Strategy-Brochure


    This document outlines the strategic choices for SC SA over the period 2021 – 2024, after taking into consideration the changes brought about by the coronavirus crisis. It articulates what issues for children we want to address, which themes we will support, and what the organisational priorities are.

    Thu 11 Feb 2021 2,4MB
  • 2019-Annual-Report


    2019 was an auspicious year for Save the Children, as we celebrated our 100th year of operation.We took the opportunity to look back at the numerous ways in which our movement has contributed to the struggle for child rights, including our involvement in the very first Declaration on the Rights of the Child.

    Tue 12 Jan 2021 2,4MB
  • Free-Colouring-Book


    Download your free colouring book here.

    Wed 2 Dec 2020 4,8MB
  • COVID: Protect A Generation Report

    COVID: Protect A Generation Report

    COVID-19: Children from poorest households across the globe have suffered greatest loss of family income, missed out most on education and faced the highest risk of violence at home. Save the Children conducts largest global survey of its kind among some 25,000 children and adults on the impact of the pandemic

    Thu 10 Sep 2020 3,9MB
  • save_our_education_


    New analysis in this global report shows how COVID-19 may impact the funding of education, as well as the countries most at risk of falling behind. It also highlights the change we want to see for children and our recommendations for governments and the international community so we can keep learning alive, support every child to return to school and build back for better learning.

    Mon 13 Jul 2020 2,9MB