• SCSA-Submission-for-the-DVA-Amendment-Bill_24-April


    Save the Children South Africa's comments on the Domestic Violence Amendment Bill. This is summited in response to the Domestic Violence Amendment Draft Bill, 2020, which is published by the Department of Justice and Correctional Services to amend the Domestic Violence Act, 1998.

    Wed 17 Jun 2020 273,7KB
  • 2019-Financial-Statements


    2019 Financial Statements

    Thu 30 Apr 2020 3,2MB
  • Stop-the-War-on-Children-2020-Report


    This is the third report in Save the Children's 'Stop the War on Children' series. It reveals shocking trends in the threats to the safety and wellbeing of children living in areas impacted by conflict. In 2018, verified grave violations against children reached a record high.

    Mon 17 Feb 2020 8,1MB
  • Research-Brief_Corporal-Punishment


    Children who grow up with violence in the home learn early and powerful lessons about the use violence to dominate others. Many studies have found that a child’s experience of corporal punishment is associated with higher level of aggression and anti-social behaviour.

    Wed 20 Nov 2019 3,2MB
  • INSPIRE-Report-August-2019


    In April 2019 the Institute for Security Studies and Save the Children South Africa partnered to convene a series of workshops to gather information about how the country is responding to prevent and reduce violence against children.

    Tue 13 Aug 2019 4,4MB